Tuesday, January 17

A New Lifestyle

Sinclair said they had their first day of Drill now. A bit of a disaster, and probably funny to have seen. Everything is getting intense now and is all rush rush rush. Plus the days are very full now they have started some classes as well. His words, "If only I could stop thinking so much. It slows me down". Only early days yet, they should knock that out of him soon.

Apparently everything they say about the Mess is true..... "yummmy" >: p

He also found out that half the things he took with him are useless. If only they gave a more detailed list! Some of the times they go to the Mess they have to wear their suits or nice clothes and he wishes he had taken his slip on dress shoes to save time.

He was in the middle of folding his uniforms so the call was short. Plus it was nearly time for "Lights Out" again and he was buggered. He is not sure about when he would next be in contact, but they really encourage contact with family and friends. "Hello to all"

- Melody


Anonymous Anonymous said...

NSU - 4efer, 5210 - rulez

18/2/07 3:37 pm  
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20/2/07 12:02 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Russia - forever!


20/2/07 9:52 pm  

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