Friday, March 24

The Lanyard Parade

On the 17th of March, Sinclair had his first parade. The Lanyard Parade is when the Cadets become soldiers in the Army's eyes. A Big Day. They march out and a speach is given about what they have achieved and where they are going. Then they handed out three awards. Two went to a Cadet who served in East Timor and is now becoming an officer. He was awarded for "Best Shot" and "Most Advanced Student" as he should be.

Surprise! Sinclair recieved the Third award! "Most Improved" and he didn't even tell us that he was getting an award. Considering what a culture shock it was for him and how he improved in leaps and bounds, we are all very proud and there were a few misty eyes. So out of 100 Cadets Sinclair is one of two who have been noted and as he realised over the weekend, he is stuck with the lable. Every time we ran into a fellow Cadet on the town they would turn to their family and say "this is the guy who got the most improved award..."

So he has made it through the hard knocks of the first leg and is now preparing for the next round. You may notice he is a little slimmer in the photos. He lost around 11 kilos (roughly 23 pounds) He has holidays soon and I am sure will tell you more of what he has been through.